Finding Textbooks

*Mason OER Metafinder(MOM)
A Search Engine that allows you to search through OER and Public Domain repositories. Some sources include Library of Congress, BC Campus, Open Textbook Library, OpenStax/CNX, Merlot, Project Gutenberg, and Directory of Open Access Books.

This website gives full textbooks for algebra, calculus, statistics, anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics, biology, history, sociology, economics, and psychology. OpenStax is a non-profit from Rice University with the mission to “improve student access to education.” For those who want hard-cover textbooks, the campus bookstore can order these books for you.

Galileo contains OER textbooks on Communication, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Geology, History, Information Literacy, Mathematics, , Philosophy, Religion, Science

*Merlot II
Offers course materials including tests, syllabi, articles, and open textbooks. This site also allow you to search by ISBN. Results show open materials related to copyrighted textbooks. Merlot is a project created by the California State University Center for Distributed Learning.

*Lumen Learning
Offers textbook materials in subjects computer applications, biology, psychology, English, math, communications, etc.

Openly Available Sources Integrated Search (OASIS), developed by SUNY Geneseo’s Milne Library, searches through open content from 58 different sources. It Contains textbooks, courses, course materials, interactive simulations, public domain books, audio-books, modules, open access books, and videos that are openly licensed. Browse or search through subjects in anthropology, science, math, economics, nutrition, history, philosophy, music, and information literacy.

Saylor Academy
Offers full courses in various subjects. Contains online textbooks, course syllabi, and tests. Courses included art history, biology, business administration, chemistry, communication, computer science, economics, English, history, mathematics, physics, professional development, psychology, and sociology. Saylor Academy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offer free and open online courses to everyone.

OER at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
OER resources curated by the OER team at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library
Guides to OER developed by the OER Librarian at UH Mānoa.

Leeward Community College
Guides to OER developed by the librarians at LCC.

A branch of OpenStax, CNX gives additional resources on different topics in arts, business, humanities, mathematics, statistics, science and technology, and social sciences.

OER Commons
Contains resources on science, law, history, English, career and technical education, business and communication, humanities, and art. This site allows you to search by education level.

Open Textbook Network
Offer resources in subject in accounting, business, computer and information science, economics, engineering, foreign languages, humanities, law, mathematics, science, and social science. Open Textbook Network is hosted by the University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development.

College Open Textbooks
Resource to find textbooks in anthropology, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, engineering, English, fine arts, health, nursing, history, languages, communication, law, literature, mathematics, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, and statistics. This website is a collaboration of 29 non-profit and for profit organizations that are affiliated with more than 200 colleges.

OER – Open Educational Resources: Big List of Resources
A libguide created by the University of Pittsburgh to help people find OER resources. This resource contains  unique resources, like Academic Earth, EdX, Open2Study, and Bridge to Success.

Open Oregon
Resources published in Pressbooks. Subjects includes First Year Experiences, Biology, Economics, Writings, Hydraulics, Information Science.

Open TextBook Store
Open TextBook Store provides open math textbooks. It lists textbooks in Arithmetic, Prealgebra, Algebra, Precalculus Calculus, Liberal Arts, Statistics, Higher Math.

Cool4Ed – California Open Online Library for Education
Open Resource from the California State University. It enables people to find resources by courses. You can also browse by course materials, eTextbooks, free online courses, journals and articles.

Course materials

Offers textbooks and materials with which to create textbooks and courses in biology, business, chemistry, engineering, geosciences, humanities, mathematics, medicine, photosciences, physics, social sciences, and statistics.

*MIT OpenCourseWare
Offers full courses in various subjects. Contain teaching materials, video, and textbooks in business, energy, engineering, health, mathematics, science, and education. MIT OpenCourseWare is hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

ScholarSpace is an open-access, digital repository for the University of Hawaii at Mānoa community. It contains intellectual works and collections from the UH Mānoa community.

eVols in an open-access, digital repository for the University of Hawaii community and researchers. It contains digitized materials from the library and the university’s grant projects and digital library program initiatives.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
DOAJ is online directory that indexes and provides access to open access, peer-reviewed journals.

OER Consortium
Website gives resources on finding OER education, learning about OER, sharing and adopting OER, and serves as an advisory. The website was created by the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources.

UBC BC Campus Open Ed
Contains open textbooks on various topics in arts, business, health, recreation/tourism, sciences, social sciences, and trades. BC Campus Open Ed is a project hosted by the University of British Columbia.

The Global Text Project
This database gives resources in business, computer science, education, health, science, and social science. The Global Text Project’s goal is to provide free quality content.

Project Gutenberg
This project is digitizing over 53,000 books distributes e-pub books and free kindle books. Offers various books in classical literature and various genres in literature. It also contains books in different languages in French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.


Website contains good quality and professional looking images for free. Images on this website are CC0, which means you are free to use and modify without permission!

Website contains good quality and professional looking images for free. Most images on website are CC0.

*Creative Common Search Portal
Creative Commons search engine that helps you find audio and images through various resources. Helps to find materials that have creative commons licenses.

The Gender Spectrum Collections
Stock Photos Beyond the Binary. A library featuring images of trans and non-binary models that go beyond the stereotypes. Images are licensed CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Free high-resolution photos of black and brown people, licensed Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

Free photos of people of color; no attribution required, but can give credit by linking to site

#WOCinTech Chat
Free photos of women and non-binary people of color working in the Tech field; licensed CC BY #WOCinTech Chat or

CreateHer Stock
Free and for fee stock photos of women of color; license varies

Redefining Women Icon Collection
Icons of women; License: Creative Commons Public Domain CC0 1.0

Internet Archive
This website contains snapshots of websites, videos, articles, audio, and images.

Negative Space
This website is a collection of high resolution photos that are all CC0. You can search for images or browse through their categories (architecture, black and white, landscapes, street, transport, people, animals, etc.).

Digital Public Library of America
This repository brings together items from different libraries, archives, and museums that have been digitized.

U.S. National Park Service
The NPS’s gallery hosts thousands of videos and pictures about the various parks and forests under its care. The majority of these resources are in the public domain.

Learn More About OER

*Open Washington Learn OER Workshop
Hosted through Washington State Board for Community and Technical College this website is a resource to learn about what OER is, understanding open licenses and creative commons licenses, finding OER resources, sharing OER, public domain, and accessibility.

*The Orange Grove: Florida’s Open Educational Resource Repository
Not only another resource to find materials, but also has resources to help you learn more about creating OER. Helpful video about combining licensing. Their YouTube channel uploads discussions and speakers discussing various OER topics.

Open Resources Network
A guide to learning and finding OER resources. Learn about creative commons licenses, tutorials from the Center of Applied Special Technology, Open Learning Initiative, and Washington State Board. Site gives links to searching for images, video, audio, and open textbooks. This web page was created in Open Professionals Education Network (OPEN) by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College & Career Training grant program.

(*) indicates that the resource may particularly useful.