12.32% of KCC classes are $0 Cost Textbook


It’s a wonderful thing when every semester you don’t have to worry about buying textbooks or pray that the books you ordered online gets to you on time. As of Spring 2017, about 12.32% of Kapi’olani Community College classes are $0 Cost Textbook. Thanks to the instructors who are teaching $0 Cost Textbook; they helped a total of 2194 students with their book expenses. This means that you helped save students a total of $232,751.40 for just the Spring semester!

Since Spring 2016, the students have saved a total of $511,141.91. Good job faculty and lecturers.


The UH Bookstores learn about OER

On October 21 managers from nine UH Bookstores arrived at Kapi‘olani Community College for a statewide meeting. The first item on their agenda was a four hour workshop on OER and the Textbook Cost: $0 program now in effect at Leeward Community College, UH Manoa Outreach College, Honolulu Community College, and Kapi‘olani Community College. As they had requested, Junie Hayashi (LCC), Billy Meinke (Manoa), and I (Kapi‘olani) provided a shortened version of Kapi‘olani’s 4-day OER workshop.

We talked about the OER movement, Creative Commons, copyright, and how to find and use open educational resources available on the web.  They also learned that they could order OER textbooks from Open Stax and provide on-demand printing for OER as a service to our students.  Feedback was both enthusiastic and full of questions and insights as they face a changing world of educational resources.

August 8-11 OER Workshop

We completed our 4-day Open Educational Resources Workshop (Aug. 8-11, 2016). For a day-by-day itinerary, PowerPoint presentations used throughout workshop, resources, and to see our guest speakers go to https://openkapiolani2016.wordpress.com/.

This year we had 2 registrants from Windward Community College, 1 from Honolulu Community College, and 7 from Kapi’olani Community College. Thank you to all those who participated and made the workshop a success.

OER presents at Hawaii Strategy Institute 2016


Librarians and an instructional designer from Leeward Community College and Kapi’olani Community College gave two presentations at the Hawaii Strategy Institute 2016. Open Educational Resources and Student Success looked at recent research showing promising results in student success for classes using OER. The Open Educational Resources Fellowship Program talks about a collaborative project with Leeward and Kapi’olani that encourages faculty to adopt and support the adoption of OER at their campuses.

To see the full presentation on OER and Student Success click HERE

To see the full presentation on the OER Fellowship Program click HERE