Look at what we have saved students!

Kapiolani saved students $476,000.

Great news! Our AMAZING faculty, through the OER (open educational resources) and TXT0 program (Textbook Cost: $0) saved our students $476,000 in textbook costs for fall 2020! In spring 2020 we had 239 TXT0 classes, this semester we have 318 classes!

Students report they use their extra savings for groceries, transportation, and more classes. Plus it helps with the loans they must pay down. During COVID, TXT0 is an additional blessing!

If you have a TXT0 class planned for spring and summer 2021, don’t forget to have the classes marked correctly so they can show up at this system-wide TXT0 and our college class listing. Students will see them in STAR when they search for TXT0 classes. Visit this OpenKapiolani for more information on TXT0.

Email Sunny at sunyeen@hawaii.edu if you’d like to learn more about OER and the TXT0 class marking.